Charming Slovenia Glamping Resort

Refresh your body & mind in this peaceful forest retreat in Slovenia

Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš in Slovenia

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Surrounded by lush forests & rolling rivers, you’ll find the Forest Glamping Resort Blaguš. A dreamy destination to experience a wide collection of treasures that pure nature has to offer. Nestled in a peaceful forest, there are 16-glass-wooden houses & multiple lovely furnished A-frame tents, to provide you a perfect stay in Blaguš.

It will seem like a fairy tale when you first slip off your shoes, feel the soft forest fern on your soles & inhale the clean earthy air.

Brezje 9
9244 Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici


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  • Charming Slovenia Forest Resort Blagus
  • Charming Slovenia Forest Resort Blagus



How do I get to the Forest Resort? What can I find around?


The Blagus Forest Resort is located in the northeast of Slovenia on the lake Blaguš. Slovenia is really rich in pristine nature. Did you know that 60% of the country is completely covered by forest? Neither did we! About 30 minutes from the place you can find the city of Maribor.

The resort is completely immersed in woods and gives you the fantastic feeling of being really close to nature. To really switch off, we can highly recommend to turn off your smartphone for a while. Feel nature and let it ground you! The only thing you need to do is to be in the here and now.

Key Facts
  • just 30min - Maribor | about 1.30h - Ljubljana | about 1h - Graz 

  • directly at lake Blaguš

  • nestled in the forest

  • you can't live closer to nature

Glamping in Slovenia - cabins in the forest


well designed cabin from inside in Slovenia

What makes Forest Glamping Blaguš stand out from other glamping resorts in Slovenia? What are the room options?


The cosy cabins are sustainably built from wood and offer comfort with a minimalist modern design. There are two types of accommodation you can choose: the 'Glass-wooden house' and the 'A-frame wooden tent'. Nestled directly under the trees, the lovely 16 houses at lake Blagus offer high privacy and are perfect for 2 persons. For those looking for something more adventurous and even more "close-to-nature", one of the beautifully decorated tents will be the perfect place to stay. The interior will surprise you - it is elegant, modern and leaves nothing to be desired. Ready to escape the city?

Key Facts
  • modern, minimalistic & refreshing design

  • 18 with a big double bed, that will make you sleep like a baby

  • your own terrace ensures the perfect setting to relax and dream 🌲

  • made from natural materials



I’d like to set up a romantic picnic during my stay - Is that an option? Is breakfast included?

A heavenly breakfast is included when staying in one of the glass-wooden houses. Guests of the A-frame tents however, can of course also order breakfast in addition to their stay! On demand, richly assembled picnic boxes provide the perfect lakeside date. Sit back and just enjoy! Right in the vicinity of the resort there are some really nice restaurants. The team of the Forest Resort Blaguš is happy to give recommendations upon request. For wine lovers we definitely recommend a visit to the beautiful Slovenian vineyards. Be sure to try a locally produced wine!

Key Facts 
  • no need to think about anything in the morning, a delicious breakfast is waiting for you!

  • try the local cuisine in one of the restaurants close to the resort

  • get lost in the Slovenian vineyards to find yourself with a good glass of white wine! 📸

  • have a romantic picnic at the pier or in the forest

breakfast at Forest Glamping Resort in Blaguš, Slovenia


Horse riding at glamping resort in Slovenia

Which activities and adventures can I pursue at Lake Blagus?

There are numerous ways to explore the surroundings of the resort and Slovenia as well. Whether it's mountain biking through the lush green landscape, climbing magnificent peaks with wide views, simply relaxing by the lake with an exciting book from the "forest library" or just by strolling through the forest or around Lake Blagus - you will find yourself totally unwinding and enjoying the peace and tranquility. There is only you and the pace of nature. Let it guide you.

Key Facts 
  • explore the scenic landscape of Slovenia by hiking, biking, running or simply strolling around

  • take a stunning photo of your extraordinary forest retreat and share it with your friends! But don‘t forget to tag us! ;-)

    forest library with multiple great books to read

  • rent a SUP / wooden boat and discover the dreamy lake

3 private guest tips

Try a Shoemaking workshop from 'Herzog' - an experience you will tell your friends from.

Take a walk in the forest and have a picnic at the pier.

Visit Svetinje - a little village in the center of Ormož and stroll at the vineyards. (just 33min away)


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