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5 tips while waiting to travel again! (We bet you haven't tried tip number 1)

As the world turns out to be not as safe as we thought, traveling is not the same at it was at the moment. Lockdown here lockdown there – we wanted to enlighten your daily life a little bit. All there is and ever will be is our will to look positive into the future. Of course, you can also look for the negative and waste your time turning circles with no outcome at all. By outcome I mean something that feels good for you. That is what we want to do for you. We give you easy access to inspiring stuff for your daily life. Even if it is just a small contraction of the muscles in your face, that make you smile for a second. Job done? No! We deliver you some mood boosters and daily routines for keeping your travel enthusiasm alive. Here are 5 exclusive and easy doings you can implement in your daily life. Some of them can be used more often and some will be used just once. You decide. You can also stop reading, but be aware that this decision will form your day, because you missed out some truly valuable insights. So let’s start:

1. The Travel Dreamweaver

What’s that? Everything always starts with a cool name and the rest follows in flow. So, what if we can just travel by just sitting at home on our couch? ‘Imagination is everything!’, as Albert Einstein said. And that’s the key for your first mindful journey to a place where you deeply want to be right now. If you don’t know where to go – just take a short look at our Instagram profile. We try our best to provide you with dreamy places. So sit down or lie down and close your eyes. Breath slowly and keep your focus on your breath. Imagine yourself being at your dream place. Feel the temperature. The cold, the warm. Maybe a little breeze of wind touching your skin. Try to make your thought as colorful as it can be. Do this for about 5 minutes. It’s a kind of meditation and it is truly relaxing. Just try a few destinations the one or other day.

2. Make your Bucket List

Let me ask you some questions. Which places do you want to travel in your life? Is there in particular a next stop you already planned? Which countries do you want to see? It does not matter when you actually will make your next travel experience. Much more important is the fact that you think about places you really would enjoy seeing. Make a mental list and then write it down. You can write down as many places you like. If it is just one, it is also totally fine. Put your magical bucket list somewhere where you will find it again and just leave it there till you finally want to or can book again.

3. Travel Diary

If you already writing down all your special moments from your last travel experiences, you can skip this. Our time on this planet is limited and as science shows and knows there is a certain possibility that we forget things as we age. This is totally human and nothing to especially highlight. Even if you will always be able to remember each and every detail of your journeys in the world, it can be fun to read your own travel stories on paper years later. So, make a stunning headline, put the date and location on there and write anything down. Words, phrases, stories, just anything that tickles your mind. Think of exciting moments you had and remarkable people you met or saw. What was most frightening for you? What new things have you learned. Write anything down. Maybe you came home with more questions after your journey. Write them down and try to answer them next time.

4. Send a picture

Some people travel alone, some with family or friends and some with big groups. Even if you never travel, what I do not assume, as we are always on our journey of life, this task can be done by anyone. So, with this exercise we want to say thank you to someone who made our journey great in some way. Take a picture you took on that journey and send it to them. If you want to keep the picture, just send a copy of it. In our digital age it is pretty easy and can be done in a second. Just say thank you for this great experience. You will feel a sense of enjoyment, trust me. If you do not know to whom you can send the picture, you can send it to us. We would be happy to see where you have been.

5. Watch a good travel documentary

This sound a bit boring in the first second, true. If you hate documentaries, stop right here. If you love them, you know what I talking about and for those who are still reading and think ‘Nah, I don’t really trust you..’ – believe me, there is always something that can broaden your mind, especially in documentaries about the world. You can easily access so many great documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Movies or if you don’t have access – just go on Youtube. Pick anything, that interests you. You can watch it with full attention or also when doing something else. If you think it wastes your time, you should have stopped reading this with the second sentence. So there is a kind of a deep interest that needs to be satisfied. Now you have to try it. Cheers!


As this is our first blog post, we are happy that you are still here reading this. Thank you for that. We do appreciate having you here and hope to serve you something inspiring for your daily life. Even though there is a pandemic going on in this world, we want to share some positivity and look with a smile into future. If you liked this little reading, just write us on Instagram, Facebook, E-Mail or wherever you want to. We would be happy to hear your feedback.

Your Uniqchalets Team

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