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Do not book a Polar Light cabin before seeing this list

Polar Light season in Scandinavia starts again - time to list 3 beautiful getaways where you can admire them right from your accommodation!

But first, what exactly is a Polar Light / Aurora Borealis?

Polar Lights appear when energetic charged particles interact with the earth's magnetic field. The glow in the sky is caused by those particles hitting the earth's atmosphere in the polar regions.

If seeing something beautiful like that outdoors wasn't enough, there are places where you can watch this nature spectacle right from your bed!

1. Hattvika Lodge, Ballstad 🇳🇴 (Norway)

The rustic fishermen's cabins, which date back to the 1870s, have been renovated to a high modern standard that perfectly embraces the charm and tradition of the Lofoten Islands.

Additionally, there are 10 really modern HILLSIDE cabins - the perfect addition for the modern traveler (photo).

The big windows of the cabins, make it an amazing base to watch the northern lights and have cozy night.

But don't stay awake too long! The next day new adventures are already waiting for you, up north!

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2. Lyngen Lodge, Olderdalen 🇳🇴 (Norway)

Lyngen Lodge is a luxury boutique lodge located in northern Norway. Like the Hattvika Lodge, it provides a one-stop destination for Arctic experiences, offering full board en-suite facilities, excellent food and lifelong memories. The luxuriously designed Scandinavian-style house accommodates a maximum of 16 guests in 8 different bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms - so a private nest is waiting for every guest.

You either have a view of the mountains or directly on the fjord - both are perfect to watch the Aurora Borealis!

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3. Seaside Glass Villas, Kemi 🇫🇮 (Finland)

The cozy cabins of the Seaside Glass Villas are equipped with glass roofs. I don't think there is anything more to be said about their ability to provide an unforgettable experience 😁 (photo at the bottom).

The Northern Light season in Kemi starts at the end of August and continues till March.

And by the way! The best time to see the beautiful nature show is generally between 9pm and 1am. Are you ready to switch watching Netflix with watching the Aurora Borealis??

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I hope you enjoyed this short blog post, thank you for reading! ♥

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