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Seaside Glass Villas in Finland

Experience the arctic freedom

sea, snow & ice

Icebreaker Sampo cruising across the frozen water in Finland

One View

Our main goal is to produce unique and Lapland's best experiences to our visitors, every day of the year, in every Experience365 service encounter. We invite you to Kemi and promise to be great hosts, we are here to make your experience the most memorable! Experience365 – team operates in a dynamic, fast-paced and open working environment owning a positive and energetic working attitude. We enjoy challenging ourselves for great results and inspire others to successful work. We are open-minded and courageous business performers within the ever-growing international travel adventure-experience field.

Lumilinnankatu 15A

94100 Kemi


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Where are the Seaside Glass Villas located? How can I get there?


It takes only 1,5 hour by plane from Helsinki to Kemi. Kemi Airport locates 6 minutes driving distance from the city centre. Also, airports in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Luleå are just a 1,5 - 2 hour drive away. The train operates every day from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi via Kemi.  It takes only 1 hour from Oulu and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Rovaniemi to Kemi. You can drive to Kemi in 1,5 hours from the Arctic Circle and in 20 minutes you have crossed the border to Sweden! Welcome to Kemi – we are ready to surprise you!

Key Facts

  • during winter frozen sea

  • beautiful sea view from the villas 

  • 24/7 daylight (you can easily darken your room for sleeping)

  • discover the marvelous Lapland

  • watch the northern lights in this area

glass cabin in Finland


Winter view from Seaside Glass Villas

Can we see Aurora or Northern Lights? Can we sleep summertime when it's 24 hour daylight?


Yes you can. Best time of night to see them is generally between 9pm and 1am. Northern Light season continues until March.

 Some time in late August, the sun finally dips far enough below the horizon that stars once again appear in the skies above Finland. And with the return of the stars comes one of the north’s most magical experiences: the Northern Lights. These silky dancing specters, also called aurora borealis, appear as green or violet sheets swaying silently (or crackling softly, depending on who you ask.) Caused by storms sent from the sun itself, seeing the Northern Lights is a transformative experience, a gift from the cosmos itself. There’s the you before you saw the aurora borealis, and the you after.


Yes you can. We have window and roof blinders.

As summer approaches in the north, something truly magical happens. Nights grow shorter and shorter until one day … they’re gone. This phenomenon is known as the Midnight Sun, Polar Day or Nightless Night, and the effect it has on the Arctic is stunning. 24 hours of sunlight opens the gateways for midnight adventures and near-mystical memories. From mid-May until mid-August, nighttime is but a memory, and in place of the stars and moon, there is the gentle, golden light. That’s why Finland is called the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Key Facts

  • sea view from the villas

  • watch the northern lights through your glass roof

  • wood nest

  • enjoy full privacy 

  • free wifi



Can we get local food? Is there a breakfast?

Seaview Restaurant Lumihiutale introduces constantly new menus with a modern arctic taste, focusing on the local fresh seasonal tastes made from local ingredients.

Breakfast is served in the sea view restaurant in a buffet style.

Key Facts 

  • try the delicious local food

  • mostly self made dishes - (with passion & love)

  • have a wonderful experience and dine in the ice restaurant

  • focus on domesticity and purity

White fish with risotto at Seaside Glass Villas


Huskies ready to run in Finland

When can I visit the snow castle? How can I book the ice breaker Sampo cruise?

Step into a winter wonderland any day of the year inside the SnowExperience365 breathtaking with an all-year-round ice restaurant. Icebreaker Sampo offers the most exciting, memorable moments in the Arctic sea and an incredible icebreaking adventure with the unique experience of swimming amongst the ice. Its operating during winter season. You can find more detailed schedules and bookings at

Key Facts 

  • around year snow & ice experience

  • discover the unique ice breaker Sampo cruise

  • try floating in frozen sea

  • dinners & drinks at ice restaurant around year

3 private guest tips


As an integral part of Finnish culture, the sauna is something you simply must experience when visiting. The sauna is a wonderful place to relax and unwind after a long day. It increases metabolism, improves the blood flow while reducing blood pressure and makes it easier to breathe. Sauna has been considered as a cure for all illnesses from the flu to arthritis. An old Finnish saying goes: if booze, tar, and sauna do not cure your illness, then you probably won’t make it.

Ranua Wildlife Park:

You can see the only polar bears living in Finland, as well as 50 other arctic and northern animal species, in all and all 200 individuals, at the Ranua Wildlife Park. The animals live in spacious fencings in the midst of northern wide forests, in their as authentic natural environment as possible.

Visit a Husky Farm and Husky Safari from Kemi: 

The practice of sled dogs dates back to 2000 BC. Historically it was used for work to pull loads in Siberia and North America. In the 1900s a Norwegian explorer used the sled dogs in a race to reach the South Pole. This practice then spread to European countries for nature tours and to bring supplies to soldiers during the First World War. Nowadays, sled dogs are mostly used for recreation.


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