Lovely Slovenia is an insider tip for many travellers. The untouched nature invites to stay and explore the unique landscape. Enjoy breathtaking hikes in the Julian Alps and explore the Triglav National Park. The Soca Valley is also a must-see for your bucket list - turquoise waters meander through the charming valleys. Check out this selection of ideal places for a holiday stay in Slovenia. 


Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping Resort Ljubno | glampin in Slovenia

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Uniqchalets Slovenia

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Uniqchalets Slovenia

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Uniqchalets Slovenia

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Uniqchalets Slovenia

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What you should know about Slovenia!

Slovenia is a jewel, tucked away from the Adriatic Sea to the East of Italy and North of Croatia. The country is best known for its outdoor pursuits, and the dreamlike Lake Bled, complete with its castle island in the centre of the lake.

Slovenia’s history ties it to so many of Europe’s great former rulers, from the Romans to the Venetians. Napolean invaded. So did the Hungarians. The Germans annexed it. Then it became a part of Yugoslavia, until 1991 when Slovenia emerged as the first independent state of the former soviet republic.

A visit to the Škocjan Caves is a must, with one of the largest underground canyons found anywhere in the world. Above ground, Slovenia is famous for its castles and churches, presenting over 3000 ancient structures for keen explorers to discover. Bled Island is probably the singularly most photographed location in the country, however also seek out Predjama Castle, a Renaissance castle built into the mouth of a cave.

The capital city, Ljubljana, is one of the smallest and most personal capital cities in Europe. Free from the crowds that descend on other capitals, you’ll be able to truly experience Slovenia’s main city like a local. There are some invigorating hiking trails really close to the city too – you’re never far away from lush green vistas in Slovenia. 

Dormouse Adventure Park is an easy going, fun hike for families. Adventurous couples might want to tackle the challenging Grintovec mountain hike, which features an almost 2km climb. In winter, the ski resorts are some of Europe’s best-kept secrets.

Visit somewhere in Europe most people will never visit – it’s a real treat. Slovenia uses the Euro, so it’s easy to arrange currency. The official language of Slovenia is Slovene, though you’ll also hear a fair amount of Italian and Hungarian.


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