The most unique places in Croatia, where the turquoise waters, white pebble beaches and mediterranean cuisine, makes it effortless to slow down and unwind. Savour this small picturesque gem, that will make you remember the importance of the simple things in life.


Buqez Vanelus Villas | perfect villas in Croation - directly at the sea

Slow down in one of the best beach villas directly at the sea.

Image by Cezar Sampaio

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Explore Croatia.

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What you should know about Croatia!

Don’t miss your opportunity to visit the beautiful Balkan country of Croatia. Home to just 4 million people (that’s half the population of London), Croatia hugs the Adriatic Coast and offers visitors a wild array of natural delights and charming historical towns.

The capital city, Zagreb, is inland and an often-overlooked gem of a destination. With prices a mere fraction of what you’d be paying in Western European neighbours, Zagreb is an ideal weekend break. The upper town (Gornji grad) dates back 1000 years and, with gas lamps casting dappled light upon the cobbled streets, a visit to Zagreb is like an apprenticeship in time travel.

More likely on your travel bucket list is Dubrovnik, the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage site, described by George Bernard Shaw as “the pearl of the Adriatic”. He was on to something there. In fact, journeying around Croatia you’ll find enough pearls for a whole necklace.

If you’re considering visiting a few spots along the Adriatic coast, you’ll be treated to one of the most enjoyable coastal car rides in Europe. You’ll have to be disciplined if you’re not to succumb to the temptation to keep stopping and admiring the view. Heck, why not – it’s worth taking your time in Croatia.

Of course, an ideal way to experience Croatia is to pick your favourite region and book your own private holiday home. Settle in and experience the country at its natural pace. Ease into the evening with pre-dinner Rakia – the most popular spirit in the country, often served with dried figs.

Croatia is home to eight stunning national parks, home to awesome wildlife including bears and lynx, as well as jaw-dropping scenery. Perhaps the most magical of all Croatia’s national parks Is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, with the audible rush of waterfalls as you explore this heavenly destination. Instagram loves this park – it’s clear to see why.

Croatia joined the EU in 2013, however it is not a member of the Schengen Area of borderless travel. The national currency is the Croatian Kuna, though some places will also accept Euros. Best to get your travel money before you arrive so that you get the best exchange rate. If exchanging in Croatia, it’s advantageous to exchange from Euros. As of 2023, Croatia will officially adopt the euro as its currency.


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