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The comfort combined with the passion for food, love and culture. Here you'll find a selection of chalets and full privacy accomodations that will appeal to all your senses.


Amus Chalets in Italy

This luxurious chalet in Antholz offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventures in the stunning area of the Dolomites.


Experience the stunning Dolomites from these comfortable luxury chalets in San Vigilio de Marebbe in Italy.

Cirna Lodges | wonderful lodge for your next vacation in Italy

A hideaway in a natural setting. Relax in the Italian alps and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Chalet Salena | 5 star chalet in Italy with full privacy service

Complete privacy & serenity, combined with 5 star services are waiting for you in this chalet in marvelous South Tyrol.


Chalet Stern

Exclusive suites, wellness & personalized hospitality at 2000m in South Tyrol.


Discover the unparalleled charm of the Mountain Village Hasenegg, a sanctuary of elegance and natural beauty in Schenna, South Tyrol.

Chalet Fogajard | lovely chalet in Madonna di Campiglio in Italy

Escape your fast-paced city life and indulge in the serenity of the magical Brenta Dolomites at Chalet Fogajard.

K-Lodge Dolomites | amazing chalet for groups in the Dolomites in Italy, Ski-in Ski-out chalet

K-Lodge Dolomites

Ski-In Ski-Out Luxury, high up in the glowing light of the majestic Dolomites.


Cesa del louf | high luxury chalet in Arabba, Italy

With its pure and authentic spaces, this chalet in the heart of the Dolomites, is a real luxury retreat for the soul.


A hidden gem in South Tyrol, offering luxury & private wellness.

Discover the "Dolce Vita" in a new way.

More destinations

Hattvika Lodge Norway


The perfect place for an adventure. Ever wanted to see the northern lights or make an open water kayak tour? 



The perfect place for a natural retreat. Completely private and absolutely for families. Find your spirit animal. 

Seaside Glass Villas Finland


Experience the Finnish Lapland at this wonderful place. Ice breaker, Dog Sledging and much more.

What you should know about Italy?

Often nicknamed the “boot of Europe”, Italy is one stylish piece of footwear. From its knee-length shaft right to the cap of its heel, Italy oozes charm and culture in a way few other countries can emulate.

Perhaps surprisingly, Italian as the national language of Italy is a fairly modern initiative and you’ll stay catch snatches of local dialects, as was the norm prior to the unification of Italy in the 19th Century. The country, which is one of the largest economies in the EU, uses the Euro as its national currency.

With one of the best coastlines in Europe, Italy offers stunning coastal destinations along the sheltered Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. Rising up from southern Italy’s colourful seaside villages – with vibrantly painted houses seemingly stacked precariously on top of each other – Italy’s wealthier northern regions are a hot bed of fashion and high-culture.

Plus, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor pursuits, as Italy prides itself on one of the most diverse landscapes in Europe. It’s northern lakes – visit Como, one hour north of Milan – lead further north to the Italian Alps, across which the country borders with France and Switzerland.

A thrilling cable car takes visitors up the Italian side of Mont Blanc, perhaps Europe’s most famous mountain, and is a dreamy destination to absorb the glistening mountain vista. Don’t be surprised if you witness a proposal… or experience the irrepressible urge to propose yourself!

Staying in a private Alpine lodge, or charming coastal holiday home, is the ultimate way to experience Italy. Feel like a local, and lose yourself in the romance of this luxurious country. Italians love eating out, and small, local restaurants are the absolute best spots in town. Staying in an exclusive holiday home brings you closer to the real Italy… an Italy most tourists catch a mere glimpse of.

Don’t just look at the boot, staying in an authentic Italian holiday home, you’ll be trying on that boot for size. By the way, it’s a perfect fit! 


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