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Summing up your questions, inquiries and much more, we designed a place for particular information gaps we want to fill.

Can I book a chalet directly on UNIQCHALETS?

No. We provide a link directly to your dream chalet. You can and should book at their site.

Why should I book directly on the page of the owner?

We believe that our partners should get the full price for their offered service. It is their work and effort when you stay at their place that makes your stay as pleasant as it is. This should be honored.

How do I find the place I want?

At first you should know which destinations you want to visit. If you made the decision, take a look at you preferred destination and the selected chalets. In every country you will only find the best of the best. Any choice will be a good one, as all partners are pre-selected. It makes everything easier.

The destination I want to visit is not available. What can I do?

We are constantly working on broadening our range of countries. If you really want to travel to a specific country, write us and we will try to help you finding a unique place.

I would like to recommend a really cool place I visited. Where can I do that?

Text us where you feel most comfortable. E-Mail, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

I was not happy with my stay. What can I do?

We really appreciate any kind of constructive feedback, as we only want to present you the most unique places. If anything was not as expected we kindly ask you to write us an e-mail with the covered circumstances. We try our best to find a solution.

I have beautiful pictures from my vacation. How can I get featured on the Instagram feed?

You can link us in the picture or text with @uniqchalets, use the hashtag #uniqchalets or simply just text us where you feel most comfortable. E-Mail, DM on Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

I am an influencer and want to start a cooperation. What should I do?

Just connect with us via E-Mail, DM on Instagram, Facebook, etc.


get answers

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