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Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Austria.
Experience first-hand what it's like to hike in the breathtaking mountains and at the same time relax in the most beautiful and unique places. Handpicked, each of our partners is a top choice for your next holiday in Austria. 



Experience a cozy mountain escape at Hideaway Hotel Montestyria in scenic Mariazell, Styria.

Hütte mit Whirlpool und Sauna.jpg

Slow down and enjoy yourself in the chalets of the Brandlalm. Luxury embedded into the nature with a wonderful panorama view.


Recharge in 5 modern wooden chalets close to nature. Your perfect adventurous getaway for even more cozy times.

Chalet Südsteiermark.jpg

Appreciation for all your senses interpreted with exclusive luxurious living and sustainability.


Chalet-style luxury apartments with private sauna in Kappl, Tyrol.


Feel natures privacy. An exclusive hideaway with stunning mountain views for mountain lovers in Tyrol.

Ski Chalet Turrach Kärnten_edited.jpg

Three uniquely designed chalets at the year-round destination “Turracher Höhe” in Carinthia.

Chalet mit Whirlpool Österreich_edited.p

Enjoy real "Hütten-Feeling" at the Arlberg. Perfectly suited for big groups & families!

Benglerwald Berg Chalets

Sensational chalet flair in Tyrol.

Be pleased by luxurious details combined with regional specialities.

Chalet Grand Flueh | Chalet in Tyrol

Enjoy flawless romance & privacy in these luxury chalets in Tyrol.

Großes Chalet Kärnten mit Sauna.jpg

The perfect place for a natural retreat. Completely private and absolutely for families. Find your spirit animal.

Enjoy the kind & charming way of living in the Austrian Alps.

More destinations

Hattvika Lodge in Norway


The perfect place for an adventure. Ever wanted to see the northern lights or make an open water kayak tour? 

Cirna Lodges in Italy


A hideaway in a natural setting. Relax in the italian alps and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Seaside Glass Villas in Finland


Experience the Finnish Lapland at this wonderful place. Ice breaker, Dog Sledging and much more.

What you should know about Austria!

A modern-day federal republic, with nine independent provinces, Austria has had a turbulent history of power-plays and occupations. Conquered by the Romans in 15BC, and again in 788AD by the Frankish King Charlemagne, who introduced Christianity to the region. Several hundred years later, Austria become one of the most powerful countries in the world, controlling large swathes of Europe in what became Austria-Hungary in 1867. A torrid 20th Century shocked the world, and an independent, sovereign Austria was re-established in 1955. Nowadays, Austria is a member of the EU. The national language is German and the currency is the Euro.

Nestled in the Eastern Alps, Austria is best known for its glamourous capital city – Vienna. Harking back to the heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna sings of imperial luxuries with a gentle nostalgia. Beyond the aristocratic streets of Vienna, Austria’s natural gems make this an ideal country to visit for your active, outdoor getaway.

Austria’s mountain lakes more than make up for the landlocked country’s lack of a coastline. And dense forests offer days of exploring and forest-bathing – said to provide huge health benefits to those who dabble in this ancient Japanese routine.

And, of course, Austria’s slopes are some of the most popular skiing destinations in Europe come winter. Just as fun, and at a slightly gentler pace, is snowshoe hiking – this new outdoor pursuit is gaining fans in Austria and gives you an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the fir-shrouded mountains as you explore.

An escape to Austria is a nature-lover’s dream, and booking a stay in an exclusive cabin or chalet brings you closer to Austria’s charms than any other option. Wake up to the best views in the world. Take your morning coffee with the freshest mountain air. And watch the mountains become silhouetted from your private terrace as the sun sets on another perfect Austrian day.

During your stay, be sure to check out Austria’s rich art scene. On a day trip to Salzburg, you’ll marvel at the romantic old town that Mozart found so inspiring. Perhaps pick up a translation of Elfriede Jelinek’s Nobel Prize-winning literature to read her homage to her home country right where she wrote it.


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