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Biwak unter den Sternen
Rifugio sotte le stelle

Starlit sky at Biwak Schilf at the Millstätter See in Carinthia

© Gert Perauer

One View

A shelter under the stars for the “Time for Two” in Carinthia. The bivouacs at Lake Millstätter See are places where happiness comes from inside your heart and stretches out to the dearest person who is under the starry sky with you. Whether you are honeymooning or taking a romantic holiday with a partner ... We offer seven "Biwak unter den Sternen. Rifugio sotto le stelle.” They are all located in exceptional places around the lake or in the mountains allowing you to relax and be closer to nature.

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Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 49
9872 Millstatt am See




Where are the bivouacs located? What makes their location so special?

An escape from reality, a place to enjoy the togetherness — in complete unison with nature: The “Biwak unter den Sternen. Rifugio sotto le stelle” at Lake Millstätter See. They are all located in exceptional places around the lake or in the mountains allowing you to relax and be closer to each other. They are a quiet hideaway for couples, offering an unobstructed view of the twinkling stars at night and of the sunrise in the mornings.

Key Facts
  • exclusive hideaways for your “Time for Two”

  • in the middle of nature - directly at the lake or in the mountains

  • many opportunities for unique romantic experiences around the lake

sunset at the Millstätter See in Carinthia with couple at the Biwak Schilf

© Gert Perauer


wonderful interior in the cabin Biwak Freiheit libertá in Carinthia

© Gert Perauer

How are the shelters equipped? What makes the stay so special for a romantic “Time for Two”?

A night in the bivouac for two puts things back into perspective. Enjoy the view of the evening stars or the morning sunrise through the big panorama windows. Built from native larch, pine and spruce, the bivouac offers a large bed, a table with comfortable chairs and cozy lambskins, as well as separately accessible washing facilities and a small bathroom. The glass door opens so the choice is yours - bring nature into the bivouac for breakfast or simply enjoy it out on the porch!

Key Facts
  • furnished sustainably with native larch, pine and spruce

  • view of the stars through the big panorama windows and sunny porch for exceptional view over the surrounding lake and mountain landscape

  • the furnishing is limited to the essentials, to enlarge the space for togetherness



What culinary delights await me?

Your hosts await you  with regional culinary highlights, especially selected and packed into your personal “Gourmetbasket”. While watching the sunset from your porch, you enjoy the typical Alpine-Adriatic cuisine. You start the next morning in the partner hotel with a rich breakfast buffet. 

Key Facts
  • well filled “Gourmetbasket”, completed with a bottle of sparkling wine for special moments

  • big choice of regional specialities at the breakfast buffet in the partner hotel

  • optional for more “Time for Two”: Order your breakfast basket directly to the bivouak

romantic dinner at the Sternenbalkon at Millstätter See in Carinthia

© Gert Perauer



Hiking in Carinthia to the Granattor with view onto the Millstätter See

© Franz Gerdl

Which activities are being offered? What makes the “Time for Two” so special at the lake Millstätter See?

“Time for Two” at the lake Millstätter See means not only to enjoy the ambience in the “Biwaks unter den Sternen. Rifugio sotto le stelle.” Forget your everyday life for a few hours. Immerse yourselves in each other’s presence. Lake Millstätter See provides several opportunities to actually experience these precious moments of uninterrupted togetherness - Dinner for 2 on Lake Millstätter See, a hiking tour along the "Way of love. Sentiero dell'Amore", “Time for Two” with a picnic basket and a rowboat at the south shore of the lake or enjoying the sunset at the "balcony of stars"

Key Facts
  • hiking on the Way of love. Sentiero Dell’Amore.

  • Time for two: Picnic in the rowboat at the natural south shore of lake Millstätter See

  • sunset on the 'balcony of stars'. Romantic picnic at the foot of Mount Mirnock.

  • 'dinner for 2' in the lake Millstätter See

  • bay hiking: Explore hidden bays and sandy beaches in the rowboat

  • lake wellness in the Carinthian bath house: Relax and enjoy directly on the shores of the lake

3 private guest tips

The new hiking path “Via Paradiso” allows you to explore the  the alluring magic of hiking. In four moderate hiking days around the  Lake Millstätter See you combine this paradise-like hiking experience with enchantingly romantic offers.

Culinary landscapes. dining around Lake Millstätter See invites you to enjoy culinary in society and at most special places. Take place on one of the feastful dining tables, on which the hotels and restaurants involved present their “natural cuisine” of edible herbs, wild vegetables, fish, and local delicacies..

On the cycling route around the up to 27 degree warm Millstatt Lake you will experience an encounter with all your senses: seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and even tasting. It’s worth taking your time. Enjoy untouched nature, breathtaking views, cultural excursions to imperial mansions….


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