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This is your best chance to holiday in the coolest places in Norway and see the Northern Lights. We pick out the most exciting places for you to stay Your next adventure in Norway is already waiting for you. You're just one step away.


Hattvika Lodge in Norway | amazing lodge with cabins in Norway - perfect base for adventures and to watch northern lights

Cosmic adventures, open water kayak or hiking in the Lofoten are just a glance of what awaits you at Hattvika.

Norway Uniqchalets | accommodation in Norway

available soon


available soon

Norway Uniqchalets | accommodation in Norway

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available soon

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Discover the beauty of Norway from this luxury igloos at Isbreen the Glacier.

Norway Uniqchalets | accommodation in Norway

available soon


available soon

Norway Uniqchalets | accommodation in Norway

available soon

available soon

more coming soon! :)

Explore Norway.

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Landgut Moserhof

The perfect place for a natural retreat. Completely private and for absolutely for families. Find your spirit animal. 

Cirna Lodges Italy


A hideaway in a natural setting. Relax in the italian alps and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Seaside Glass Villas Finland


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What you should know about Norway?

The Scandinavian country of Norway is one of nature’s truest gifts. You’ll be blown away by the spectacular fjords, left speechless by the mesmerising glaciers, and bowled over by the imposing mountains. A landscape photographer’s heaven.

Previously the domain of the Vikings, Norway has always been home to strong, independent types. Fishing and outdoor recreations enjoy an enduring popularity. It’s a delightful sensation to become totally absorbed by the natural environment, and hiking Norway’s rocky landscape in early summer is difficult to beat.

History buffs will need to pay a visit to the Viking Ship Museum, not far from the capital – Oslo. Here, you’ll see authentic, preserved Viking battle ships from as early as the 9th Century. Oslo itself is a fine city to visit, and is particularly enjoyable to ramble about by foot.

Though Norwegian’s don’t see much sunshine in the winter, they still get out and about for their fair share of skiing, and the five resorts at Lillehammer – host of the 1994 Winter Olympics – is a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

There are many cosy and comfortable lodges to rent close to the slopes, giving you all the convenience of a slope-side resort, but without the crowds. You’re on holiday to relax, right?!

If you’re planning a visit in the spring or summer, centre your trip around the fjords and book yourself onto a cruise excursion. Day trips out into the fjords on a boat are the most breath-taking way to experience the scale of the mountains, as you glide on the mirrored surface of the deep glacial fjord.

Norway’s modern-day wealth has come from the drilling of offshore oil and gas; one of the country’s primary exports is petroleum, so the transition to greener forms of energy will have large consequences for Norway’s economy.

Norway is not a member of the EU. The official language is Norwegian and the national currency is the Norwegian Krone. It is a good idea to exchange your money before you travel as you are likely to get a better exchange rate.


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