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Why you get what you get

This information is in first hand for our community as we want to be transparent and share our way of thinking and the philosophy behind our decisions. Of course we also want to address our partners and those who will become one in the future, as they are a big part of the game. 


be uniq.

We believe there is a gap between all these little masterpieces, where you can spend a night or more and the people who want to find these hidden gems. It is different way of spending your vacation. Something magical and let's say something unique fills the air around this enchanting places, far away from mass tourism. Out of the gratification for these experiences and the strong belief that more people should find, see and feel these spellbinding getaways, we decided to start UNIQCHALETS for you.

"We believe in places where you can fully enjoy privacy and tell a story from."


leads our passion.

The purpose of giving people the most beautiful insight let's us strive for more. More beauty to see. More happiness to feel. More love to share. All this can take place everywhere, of course. But there is this sound and precious invisible veil thats surrounds you when all this takes place at a very special location. It magnifies everything even more.  

Even more


finding what you want.

UNIQCHALETS is your place for finding the most beautiful chalets. If you are happy, we are happy. Therefore we are constantly working on making your experience better. If anything comes up to your mind, just let us know. 

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