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Isbreen the Glacier in Norway

Witness the Northern Lights from a Luxury Eco Igloo in Norway

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Absorb yourself in the splendour of the Northern Lights during your stay in one of The Glacier’s three environmentally-conscious igloos. Indulgence meets environmental stewardship in this family-run retreat, nestled on the bank of the glistening glacier at Jøkelfjord, high above the Arctic Circle. Each igloo delivers awe-inspiring views across the glacier, and offers an intimate connection with the mesmerising glory of nature. Ideal for a romantic getaway, each igloo is carefully positioned to provide complete privacy, whilst also offering stunning views of the surrounding scenery. On-site facilities include a cosy dining room and gorgeous sauna and hot tub. Secure WiFi is available in the igloo as well as the central building.

Saltnesveien 8

9163 Jøkelfjord


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What makes the Igloos in Jøkelfjord special? Will I see the northern lights?


A luxury glamping escape in an igloo at The Glacier is an experience reserved for very few. The stunningly beautiful fjord is home to just 70 people, so this is really a very special destination to connect deeply with mother nature.

One of the special things about Jøkelfjord is the local commitment to minimising human impact on the environment. Especially important is the conscious decision to limit light pollution, ensuring that your experience of the northern lights is absolutely out of this world.

Each of the luxury glamping igloos has been built on stilts, meaning that the resort has a minimal impact on the physical environment, an import aspect of the destination’s ethos.

Key Facts

  • uniquely positioned high above the Arctic Circle

  • witness glacier calving in the Spring

  • enjoy modern comforts whilst feeling intimately connected with nature

  • easy to reach by car or bus

  • 60 miles from Alta airport 



luxury glamping in a cabin in Norvegia

Are the igloos comfortable? What’s the view like from the igloo?

Three of the four igloos offer 40 m² of beautifully curated living space with the most breath-taking views of the fjord.

The igloos are reached by a footpath, which leads to the central service building with bathrooms, dining facilities and a mini spa retreat. Beside that, the igloo "Rammstein" even has its own bathroom.

A wooden veranda provides private outdoor space for each igloo, whilst inside a stunning curved window presents panoramic views of the fjord.

The fourth igloo, called ‘Vika’ is perfect for couples and maybe your honeymoon. It offers 30 m² luxurious living space with a private bathroom inside the igloo and a private jacuzzi on the terrace outside.

The family-run destination is exquisitely designed, with each of the igloos decorated with a different colour scheme, inspired by the local environment. This offers you the opportunity to select the igloo which will best connect with your natural preferences for space; whether that’s the warm earthy tones of autumn, or the crisp blue hues of a bright Norwegian winter.

The igloos are warmed by a wood burner, which keeps the space toasty and makes for a romantic atmosphere, with the crackle of the fire and a warm, dancing glow.

Key Facts

  • four unique designs of igloo

  • uninterrupted view of the fjord from each igloo

  • real wood-burning fireplace

  • luxury bed with goose-down duvets

  • coffee machine, kettle and water in igloo



Is there a restaurant onsite? What food is included in my booking?

Good environmental stewardship is one of the foundation principles of The Glacier, so it should be no surprise that the resort’s private dining room specialises in locally sourced, seasonal produce.

With a firm focus on local cuisine, you’ll delight in a varied menu of Norwegian favourites, featuring fresh food prepared daily.

Popular meals in Norway include fish, reindeer and lamb, all of which are native to the region and farmed sustainably.

A customized breakfast is served every morning, giving you a taste of local flavours combined with continental standards. Also a 3-course dinner is included in the booking as well. If you would like to order lunch from The Glacier, it is easy to do and the resort offers the option of a cold lunchbox or hot cooked lunch as an add-on service.

Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are available to purchase, whilst water, juice, milk and hot drinks are included in the booking.

Key Facts 

  • delicious, locally-sourced food

  • constantly changing menu to reflect seasonal produce

  • selection of beers, wines, liquors and spirits

  • dining reservations also available for non-residential guests

Eating fjord salmon at the restaurant Isbreen the Galcier


couple kayaking in Fjord in Norway

What is there to do near The Glacier? Can the resort help me organise my activities?

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure during your luxury glamping vacation, then The Glacier is an ideal place to stay. Surrounded by water and snowy mountains, you’ll have a wide range of adrenaline-fueled activities to choose from, and The Glacier can help make reservations with their trusted local partners if you’d like.

Out on the fjords, marvel at the animal world on a whale or bird safari. Make sure your camera is fully charged for some shots of a lifetime! Or try your hand at deep sea fishing, and maybe bring back a catch of the day for the chef.

It’s hard to resist the excitement of a husky daytrip when in the Arctic Circle, and for those a little nervous of the ride, The Glacier offers a relaxing kennel tour to get to know this impressive species of dog at a more leisurely pace.

From spring through autumn, there are opportunities to be a part of the annual reindeer migration – an astoundingly memorable experience, and certainly unique to this part of the world.

Key Facts 

  • take a guided boat trip to the majestic glacier

  • adventure and leisure activities to suit all paces

  • learn about the evacuation of Jøkelfjord in World War II and the local history 

  • connect with reindeer, whales, birds and huskies

  • try activities like snowshoe hiking, e-biking and kick-sledding

3 private guest tips

Rent ski equipment from The Glacier and go skiing in the surrounding mountains.

Talk to the resort in advance about an airport shuttle – they’ll sort it all out for you.

The food is delicious and it’s nice to chat with other guests around the cosy family-style dining table.


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