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Hattvika Lodge in Norway


Kayak in Norway at the Hattvika Lodge

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One View

Hattvika Lodge is located in an authentic fisherman’s area, where ambient oozes of history and a great view to the harbour of Hattvika. Fishermen cottages («rorbu») surrounds the area and hereby you are settled in an authentic fisherman village.

The fisherman cottages are newly rebuilt and origin from the 1870’s with modern high standard in all facilities where you can take the pulse of Lofoten’s charm and tradition, while enjoying modern comfort. In addition we have a amazing set-up with 10 new HATTVIKA HILLSIDE cabins, designed for the modern traveller.

The Lofoten archipelago have for several milleniums been attracting adventurers from all over the world to explore the nature in the arctic. At Hattvika Lodge we provide guided services for the ultimate basecamp for your next adventure.

All units have modern bathrooms with heated tile floors for perfect comfort, great beds and an authentic atmosphere that is difficult to find elsewhere in the world. If you are looking to rent fisherman’s cottage (rorbu rental), Hattvika Lodge is one excellent option!

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8373 Ballstad




Hattvika Lodge is located at the sweetspot of the Lofoten archepelago

What to expect to explore out of Ballstad? Where to eat at restaurants in the Lofoten Islands?

From Ballstad you have access to all the remote beaches and hiking terrain in a radius of

45 km / 1 hour drive and the very best locations to observe the northern lights in wintertime and overlook the midnight sun set spots within 20 minutes drive from basecamp

At Ballstad you’ll find 4 excellent restaurant options from traditional Lofoten cuisine to gourmet dinner service at Lofoten Food Studio.

Key Facts

  • minimum transport to all the best view points in the Lofoten islands

  • the authentic feel of a operating fisherman village and it’s people and characters living here

  • a very private location to relax and get energized during your up north adventure

  • we are OUTDOOR ROOTED and provide guided services to explore at sea or in the mountains

  • great accommodation and different size accommodation

adventures in Norway at Hattvika Lodge

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comfortable living room in lodge in Norway

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Are you looking for great accommodation services?


You will find

  • 16 different size/ style fisherman cottage rental with great quality at Hattvika Lodge

  • 10 new HATTVIKA HILLSIDE cabins fort he ultimate hotel room accommodation

At Hattvika Lodge we provide the combination of authentic fisherman cottage rental with fully equipped kitchen facilities and modern bathrooms. 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms for cozy vacation experiences.

The new HATTVIKA HILLSIDE accommodation provides the ultimate basecamp for the modern traveller looking for amazing architecture and comfort. Designed for couples!

Key Facts

  • authentic fisherman cottages in combination with modern architecture

  • different size and style accommodation with comfy and modern bathrooms

  • private and central location in the middle oft the Lofoten islands

  • easy access to local hiking terrain with close by mountains

  • authentic fisherman village with 4 restaurants



Lofoten is born and rised with arctic cod. Have you ever tasted stockfish – the signature dish at The Fish Factory our restaurant in Hattvika?

The Lofoten mountains is calling – Have you ever tasted the lamb from Lofoten? Lamb is served in the restaurant of Hattvika Lodge


Arctic taste, authentic feel


The restaurant at Hattvika Lodge will deliver the highest possible food and service quality, with an authentic smile. The main goal is to produce healthy food in a sustainable manner while keeping its northern roots. The menu will mainly be based on daily catched seafood delivered to our doorstep.

The Fish Factory is the central point at Hattvika Lodge and will showcase all culinary heritage with a modern twist for you as a guest!

Key Facts 

  • spectacular location with seaview 

  • local and traditional cuisine

  • Superb wine list and local beer

  • Built in fisherman landing zone for daily catch from local fishermen

  • Cozy lobby for drinks and light meals

restaurant at Hattvika Lodge in Norway


woman diving in the Lofoten seeing an anemone wall

© @lofotendiving (Instagram)

The very best way of exploring the Lofoten islands is to go on an adventure 

  • Can you explore the Lofoten islands from sea?

  • Where to go hiking in the Lofoten islands?

Activities – from beach to the summits of Lofoten


Hattvika Lodge is located in a authentic fisherman’s village area, surrounded by ocean and mountains. The perfect basecamp for outdoor rooted activities

  • Hattvika Lodge holds guide staff for seakayaking and we’ll launch the kayaks seaside of your chosen fisherman cottage. In addition we collaborate with local fishermen for fishing trips, go surf with Unstad Arctic surf or go diving with Lofoten Diving company.

  • At Ballstad the surrounding mountains are perfect for hiking adventures, year round. Also the remote beaches oft he Lofoten islands are accessible in only 20 minutes drive from Hattvika Lodge. We love to guide your next adventure up north!

Key Facts 

  • seaside open water kayaking is an amazing adventure

  • hiking adventures are available year round with guides from Hattvika Lodge

  • the arctic ocean is world class diving location

  • be adventurous – Go surfing with Unstad Arctic surf

  • be a fisherman for one day and observe the Lofoten archipelago from seaside

3 private guest tips

Explore the Northern lights from your HATTVIKA HILLSIDE during wintertime

Come join us for an active stay and explore the Lofoten mountains under the midnight sun during summer time

Explore the Lofoten archipelago in seakayak – year round from Hattvika Lodge


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