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Lyngen Lodge in Norway

An exceptional experience
in the Lyngenfjord

Lodge in Norway for adventures

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Lyngen Lodge is a luxury boutique lodge located in northern Norway, more precisely in the Arctic Lyngen Alps. The lodge provides a one-stop destination for Arctic experiences, offering full board en-suite facilities, excellent food and lifelong memories.

Experience the thrilling adventures in the winter landscape of the Lyngen Alps with expertly guided trips to frozen lakes, admirable summits or dense forests.

No matter the season, every visit is unique and unforgettable - a truly personal approach tailored to each guest, family or group - to suit your specific and individual preferences.

Lyngenfjordveien 799

Djupvik, 9146 Olderdalen


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Where is the Lyngen Lodge located in Norway?


Enjoy a stay filled with a sense of tranquillity in the unbound nature of northern Norway and experience some of your most unique adventures - ever. Lyngen Lodge is nestled on the shore of the Lyngenfjord, nearby the scenic village of Djupvik. If you are travelling by plane, the nearest major airport is Tromsø (TOS), approximately 2.5 hours from the Lyngen Lodge. A private lodge transfer from the airport can also be arranged for you. The Lyngen Fjord is the longest fjord in the region and, as an offshoot of the Barents Sea, offers jaw-dropping panoramas and stunning views across the peaks of the Lyngen Alps rising over 1000m.

Key Facts

  • impressive 60 peaks at the 90 km long Lyngen Alps around Lyngenfjord

  • about 2.5 hours from Tromsø

  • private transfer from airport possible

Lyngen Lodge in Norway


bedroom in lodge in Norway

What can I expect of the rooms? 

The luxuriously designed Scandinavian-style house accommodates a maximum of 16 guests in 8 different bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms - so a private nest is waiting for every guest. You either have a view of the mountains or directly on the fjord - both are truly wonderful & selecting one won't be easy! The rooms are very cosy and intimate and give a feeling of being at home.

Key Facts

  • authentic Scandinavian design

  • recharge yourself in the sauna or jacuzzi

  • view on mountain or fjord

  • cozy living area in the lodge



What can I expect from the cuisine served at Lyngen Lodge?


At Lyngen Lodge you will experience a creative fusion kitchen using local ingredients like reindeer and lamb as well as fresh fish caught in the icy water of Lyngen Fjord. The chefs are truly passionate about what they do, not only for their creativity, but also for the surroundings they have chosen to work in. The passion goes so far that you can sometimes even watch the chefs from Lyngen Lodge outside, searching for local herbs, mushrooms and mountain plants. These not only bring exquisite flavors to the dishes, but also promote the health and balance of the guests.

Key Facts 

  • enjoy delicious meals prepared by the first-class kitchen team

  • fine selection of wines complementing the dishes

  • fusion cuisine with local products

  • full board over the whole stay (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, 3 course dinner)

wonderful dish made at Lyngen Lodge in Norway


Skiing from the mountain to the Fjord at Lyngen Lodge

Which adventures and activities can I experience? The Lyngen Lodge is a perfect place for groups, right?

There are countless ways to explore Norway in all its beauty throughout every season of the year. Lyngen Lodge is your perfect base for any tour. In summer you can go on breathtaking hikes - such as to the Strupbreen glacier. Explore the fjord by kayak, ride a mountain bike / e-bike through the picturesque landscape and much more. In winter, you can go on incredible ski tours and - following Lyngen Lodge's motto: "From the peak to the sea" - downhill from the summit to the fjord! A great team of professionals will guide you on your tours to make your stay safe and truly unforgettable!. Another huge benefit of staying at the Lyngen Lodge is that you will often see the Northern Lights just above the lodge itself. A special photography course is also available. It’s simply the perfect place for adventures with friends, family and groups, as the team at Lyngen Lodge is fully dedicated to create the perfect tailor-made experience for you.

Key Facts 

  • discover the pristine nature of the Lyngen Alps with first-class ski touring guides

  • see the enchanting Northern lights (aurora borealis)

  • dog sledding with Huskies in Norway

  • unwind with relaxing yoga sessions

  • perfect tailor-made experiences for friends, families & groups

3 private guest tips

Make the 'Summit to Sea' experience at Lyngen Lodge -
Ski from the glacier to the fjord!

Explore the beautiful landscape on a hike and experience the stunning waterfalls in Norway

See the northern lights directly from the lodge’s jacuzzi


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